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Support OSU's College of Pharmacy

The College of Pharmacy recognizes that the field of pharmacy is expanding, evolving, and plays a vital role in the education and training of future pharmacists. We are proud to provide world-class, research-focused instruction and are dedicated to training the next generation of pharmacists.

Working in partnership with Oregon Health & Science University, the College of Pharmacy trains tomorrow’s pharmacists to be collaborative, innovative, and passionate about advancing patient care and continuing groundbreaking research throughout the industry.

The three foundational goals of the College of Pharmacy are to provide excellent professional education for our students and continuing education for practicing pharmacists; to foster outstanding and innovative research; and to promote full and healthy lives for all Oregonians. The College of Pharmacy strives to produce pharmacists who are independent scientists dedicated to providing a better quality of life.

When you donate to the College of Pharmacy, you're providing the gift of education to future pharmacists. You're giving someone the power to change lives for the better. And you're making a difference in the lives of people across the globe. Every dollar you give provides a tangible impact to the lives of others.

A donation today can help make a healthier tomorrow.